"Cups-N-Cakes" Bakery


*Hailey (Peterson) Williams* 

"Cups-N-Cakes" Bakery


We closed the shop in Starkville on May 12th, and are now open in our new location in Byram!!! Come visit us there!!!

"Cups-N-Cakes" Bakery

NEW WEBSITE:   www.cups-n-cakes.net

Phone #: (601)-372-5386

Address: 5777 Terry Road; Byram, MS 39272Hey there! I'm Hailey Williams and welcome to my Cake Creations Website!! I'm 21 years old and have been doing cakes for 8 years now! I absolutely love my job, although it seems to get chaotic and hectic sometimes! Juggling my job, the married life, friends and family, and of course... MY CAKES.. I stay extremely busy!! God is my one and only source of strength though!! Through Him, I've accomplished so much and I'm so thankful for the talents and abilities that He has given me! Art is definitely a passion of mine, and cakes are a way of expressing that!! I truly love and enjoy every second of it! When I started working in my Grandfathers bakery in 2004, I never dreamed that my business would get as big as it has, much less own my own bakery now! In June 2010, I opened my first business and it has been so much fun! I absolutely love it!! Its tons of work and very tiring, but so worth it!! I'm getting to do what i love every day and it is so amazing to see such a big dream of mine finally come true! Through constant love and support from my family and friends, dreams have definitely become a reality, and I am truly so blessed!! Thank you for your support! I hope you enjoy and I look forward to making you a special "cake creation" of mine! :)

Since I just recently got married, we will be closing the Starkville location and moving the business. As of May 12th, Cups-N-Cakes will be closing the Starkville doors and opening in Byram, MS (south of Jackson) in June! In our final days here in Starkville, I would like to THANK our loyal customers so so much for helping make this business such a success and dream come true! I sure couldn’t have done it without all of your support and encouragement and I cannot thank you enough. I truly appreciate it and will miss this wonderful town and people greatly! Now a new chapter is beginning and I can’t wait, but I am also sad to leave this great place! I surely hope our paths will cross again one day!                               In Christ, Hailey (Peterson) Williams


 Hailey's Cake Creations, LLC began "Cups-N-Cakes" with high expectations of creating a fun and cozy atmosphere for all to come and enjoy! It is a specialty cake bakery and  pastry establishment located in Starkville, MS . Hoping to catch the interest of many with our broad variety of cakes, cookies, pastries, danishes, etc. I aim to offer my products at a competitive price to satisfy and meet the demand of all of my clients. Each and every one of my creations is unique in its own special way! I absolutely love creating each piece of art, and look forward to creating something special and tasty JUST FOR YOU!!!   Hope you enjoy!! :)


"Hailey's Cake Creations"